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I qualified as a doctor in 1995, and have been working in general practice since 2001.  Somewhere in there I also picked up a degree in Clinical Sciences, an obscure subject but a useful one when it comes to interpreting research studies.  I have two children, and I blog about my own experiences of parenting at Good Enough Mum.


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  • 1. O  |  March 15, 2012 at 3:22 am

    I just followed a link on another blog to your blog. It’s a dream come true. I’m about to share the link with my friend. This is the blog I wish I had the skill and time to write. It’s about time someone was looking into these things.
    I’ve stopped reading a lot of mummy blogs because people unwittingly buy into some myth and they espouse it so strongly that it feels so judgmental and oftentimes, I look into the underlying assumption and find it’s unproven.
    You rock!!!

  • 2. Angela  |  May 17, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Oh my God! I at times have tried to say what you have said in your blog post and have never managed it as well as you! The co-sleeping, the phycology(sp sorry dyslexic) the actual reading of research (very much in support of this I’m an engneering researcher myself); not just repeating the highly emotive and bias view point (and manipulation) of the research! So from the bottom of my heart thank you! keep up the work, from now on I am just going to link this page and safe myself hassle!

  • 3. bionicbrooklynite  |  August 7, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Hi, I am a big fan of this blog and your other one (the breast feeding stuff was a real life saver when I was eating my heart out over supplementing with formula bc of reynaud’s not allowing me to pump). I am currently searching for an article that I think maybe I read because of a link of yours? If this rings a bell, I would be very grateful if you’d point me in the right direction, as i am working on a post about letting my toddler have more autonomy on the playground.

    The article was some kind of study (British, I think) about minor injuries in early childhood seeming to help prevent major injuries later. The gist as I recall it was that small children who fall out of trees may get hurt, but they also learn they are vulnerable, which teaches them not to do more dangerous things when they are older. Does this seem familiar at all? Google is only giving me head injury lawyers.

    If it does seem familiar or you have any ideas about search terms, etc., that might help, please let me know. Bionicmamas at gmail.

    Thank you!

    • 4. Dr Sarah  |  August 19, 2012 at 9:41 am

      Bionic Brooklynite – Sorry not to have been of any help here, but that article doesn’t ring any bells. I’m sure it wasn’t me who posted the link, and I haven’t seen that one before. I asked about it on a medical forum to see whether it rang any bells for anyone else (which is why I’ve taken so long to get back to you – wanted to see whether anyone was actually going to post anything useful in response), but no joy there.

      Hmmm… maybe try the Momma Data blog? She posts about this kind of stuff – might have been her, or she might know of it.


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